Accessible Website Template v2.2

Complies with Section 508 & WCAG 2.0 AA & WCAG 2.1 AA
Based on Assets framework, Bootstrap 4.1.3 and jQuery-ui

New (v2): Bootstrap 4.1.3 + Accessibility Tweaks + New Layout

Version: 2.2
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Changelog v2.1 - v2.2

  1. Accessibility fixes

Changelog v2.0

  1. Now based on Bootstrap 4.1.3
  2. new menu with enhanced accessibility: supports keyboard arrows navigation including inside submenues + mega menu layout
  3. new cookie consent to abide to EU laws. can be used worldwide (default).
  4. new built in footer privacy policy & cookie policy links + target page + a cookie consent revoke link.
  5. client side form validation from bootstrap 4 including alert roles for assistive techhnologies.
  6. new homepage layout - clean blue
  7. Accessible Toolbar runs locally.

Looking for an accessible Bootstrap template? This is as close as it gets!

Accessible+ is based on Bootstrap's accessible components along with others from Assets Framework and jQuery-UI to deliver a full experience to streamline the creation of accessible websites.


Advantages of Accessible+

Conform To Standards

Accessible+ is written to conform to Section 508 (American standard) & WCAG 2.0 & WCAG 2.1 AA (W3C international standard).

Keyboard Enabled

Accessible+ based websites can be fully operated by the keyboard to allow an accessible use for all users.


All elements scale to fit every screen size. Easily build websites that work perfectly on any device size.

Enlarged Fonts

A style switcher allows font size selection with up to 2x the original size without using any external tool.

Features & Documentation

The Accessible+ template includes features pages that show the capabiliies it has & a great documentation.

Looks Great

Even with all the accessibility features the template allows to create great looking sites that will capture attention.

Night Mode

High contrast mode with black background and bright fonts make it easier to read.

Standard Base: Bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 is the standard of the web. Build on what you know!

Special Colors

Tweaked colors to maximize ease of sight by all users, including color-sight-impared users. Colors are handpicked and this is an exclusive!

Who is it for?

Accessible+ website template is good for:
  • Organizations / Companies / Individuals seeking to rapidly deploy an accessible website.
  • Teams / Startups looking for a base UI for their client side facade.
  • Graphics Designers and other web pros looking to supply accessible website construction services.

Create Accessible Websites As Everyone Has The Right To Enjoy The Web Equally.

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